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Fried rice & fortune cookies

12 Dec

One of my Christmas traditions is going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve. No, we never planned on it becoming a tradition. It started when we were hungry after Christmas Eve mass and a Chinese food place around the corner from church was the only restaurant open. Before we knew it, we were going to the restaurant every Christmas Eve, so it became our random tradition.

I’ve never been a huge Chinese food fan, but thanks to this obscure tradition, I always crave some fried rice and fortune cookies every December 24th. I know it’s a chain, and I’ll probably get tomatoes thrown at the computer screen for saying this, but we tend to go to Panda Express for our “traditional” Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas dinner 2012 Braciole & Verdure al Forno (roast & vegetables)

Christmas dinner 2012 Braciole & Verdure al Forno (roast & vegetables)

Speaking of traditions, I’ve never had a traditional Christmas dinner. I don’t even know what that is. My husband said they pretty much had Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas. For me, that’d get old really fast. One day of turkey is enough. Since I never had a traditional Christmas dinner growing up, I plan something different every year. One year it was crabs, the next it was what I referred to as “all around the world in one dinner” where I made dishes from Italy, Japan, and the Philippines. Last year, I made a roast. Not sure what I’ll make this year. I love cooking because it’s an easy way to taste food from around the world without leaving your kitchen.

Last year, I made a Christmas ornament out of my son’s hand print. I’d like to continue that every year to see how he has grown. My husband was given Christmas ornaments every year from his grandparents, so maybe we could do something like that for Andrew. At any rate, I look forward to making new memories and traditions as Andrew grows! What are some of your Christmas traditions? Join us at Finish the Sentence Friday.


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