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Trying something new

19 Jan

Hi everyone.

As some of you may know, I also have a food blog, South Bay Rants n Raves. My restaurant reviews have been few & far between lately, so I’m trying something where I combine both this blog and my foodie blog, since it’s just sitting there anyway (and it’s a hosted site). So please join me at South Bay Rants n Raves for now as I work on combining the two blogs.


Twisted Mixed Tape: Best of 2013

14 Jan

Yes I’ve said it a million times. 2013 was craptastic. However, music always gets me through tough times, heck almost anything. So here’s a list of songs that were new or new to me in 2013.

Treasure by Bruno Mars- This song always makes me happy. It’s got a feel good melody & always puts me in a good mood.

Get Lucky by Daft Punk- Yeah I know this song was overplayed along with another song featuring Pharrell last summer, but I never got sick of this one. I always found myself singing along & still do. Like “Treasure” I like the old school feel of this one.

Take Back the Night- Justin Timberlake Man, I really like throwback vibes, huh?

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark- Fall Out Boy It was so nice to hear some new Fall Out Boy after a hiatus. I love the driving beat of this one.

Try- Pink Last & most definitely not least. I love this song. I have no words really.

What are some of your favorite songs from the last year?

A Clean Slate

1 Jan

It’s January 1st which signals the end of the holiday season for me & the start of putting the decorations away. This holiday season was alright for me. Not the best.Nothing can hold a candle to Christmas in the northeast. Period. Sure,it’s easier for me to get into the holiday spirit with a little one, but he was oblivious this year. He preferred to play with his old toys instead of playing with the wrapping paper & boxes which held his gifts.

Like my son, I started feeling nonchalant about the holidays as the new year approached. I wanted the hustle to die down. I was tired of all the commercials on tv, of all the traffic to the malls. Yes, I was even tired of all the sweets that go along with the holidays. My pants were starting to get tight, which is a sign to stop eating. I loved being able to spend Christmas with my family, but by December 31st, I was done.

Christmas "clutter"

Christmas “clutter”

I was proud of how I decorated the dining room table, but found it to be just clutter once Christmas came since it got in the way at meal times since we have family in town.

Today, I was eager to put all the decor away. What I was left with was a clean slate that was pleasant to see. The new year is my clean slate; it’s my chance to de-clutter my life. New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it gives us all another chance to start fresh. To learn from our mistakes and grow stronger. 2013 was a very difficult year for me but without a doubt, it made my skin a lot thicker.


Later on today, I took a walk on the beach. Even after living here for 7 and a half years, it doesn’t get old. Looking out into the ocean gave me a calm and peaceful feeling like it always does. The ocean seems endless. Just like the ocean, I felt like my options on how to spend these 365 days were limitless. I held on to that feeling extra close today and I hope I can keep this warm feeling in mind through the year.

Welcome 2014. I am ready.

Might as well face it

9 Dec

You’re addicted to love! Yeah that was the first song that popped in my head when I found out this week’s Twisted Mixed Tape involved that kind of love that borders on stalking. I have stories I could share about that but that’s for another post.

And of course #1 is Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.

#2 would have to be Mariah Carey’s Obsessed

#3 Garbage #1 Crush, my favorite band in high school. Talk about obsession. This song walks that fine line.

#4 The Police Every Breath You Take. #1 Crush walks the line, Every Breath You Take crosses it.

#5 Carly Rae Jespen Call Me Maybe. She’s smitten folks!

Away We Grow

9 Dec

The holidays have always made me very sentimental since we don’t have any family nearby. Adding to that feeling is the fact that my little one turns one and a half this month. It’s all going so fast.

Just a few months ago he was very clingy. It got to the point where I felt I had a third leg. Not complaining, but it really got to the point where I couldn’t get anything done around the house without him crying for me. Now, he’s the exact opposite. There’s so much for him to explore, that he only comes to me occasionally for hugs. He won’t even sit still for a story, much less a snuggle. I do love that he’s getting more independent.  I love our daily dance parties where he bounces and claps to the beat and our conversations that consist of me talking and him babbling back, but at the same time, I can feel his infancy slipping away.

I was doing some shopping at a baby store the other day, and I saw many expectant and new moms browsing the aisles for all those cute baby items. The toys, blankets, bassinets, clothes, and diaper bags. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes.  I remember spending countless hours scouring the aisles for the perfect swaddle blankets, sleep sacks, pjs & diaper bags. I spent so much time in baby stores during the first few months that I was surprised the staff didn’t know my name! I felt a little jealous since their crazy first year of parenting is only beginning and mine is practically over. Sure I don’t want to relive waking up every three hours nursing and pumping, the anxiety, the baby blues. None of it was pleasant. I do miss snuggling with Andrew, watching him play for hours on end on his baby gym, watching him gain his neck strength with each tummy time session, listening to his first coos. It was such a  precious time that slipped away too quickly. I hope that all these new parents cherish this fleeting time. It’s so true that the days are long and the years are short. I am glad I took a lot of videos & pictures and I journaled as well. I know I can’t go back in time, but all these mementos I have are pretty close. These next few years are not as cutesy as the baby stage, the infant toys replaced with swing sets, slides, workbenches, and play kitchens. We’ll no longer need to go to a baby store, which for me is a little bittersweet since I practically lived in them this year. The diaper bags will be sold in exchange for regular purses. The next stage will just seem so ordinary compared to the excitement of the first year, but I’m also eager to see how this little ball of energy will surprise us next.

10 favorite words

1 Dec

This may be my most random list ever. It’s probably the silliest, not that there’s anything wrong with that. So, here’s my 10 favorite words!

1) cupcake

2) zing

3) glum

4) festive

5) noodle

6) blue

7) meadow

8) aroma

9) ice

10) snuggle

Ok so that list was harder to put together than I thought. I did like how it was short & sweet though, especially for the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’m still in holiday mode. So what are your 10 favorite words?

The Facebook Fast

10 Nov

I admit it, I became a Facebook addict. In recent months, I would find myself aimlessly scrolling through Facebook more times than I care to mention. There were no new statuses or pictures, just aimless scrolling, akin to staring into an empty fridge. I knew it was a huge waste of my time, but it wasn’t enough. I also got sucked into some negativity on Facebook. I found myself worried about how many people would like my posts, I’d compare the amount of likes to my friends, and I’d get depressed. I for some reason felt like I needed to comment on every post I saw no matter how long it took. I knew at that moment that there was something wrong. It was starting to take over the rest of my life. It was at that point, I decided to pull the plug.

I completely deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago. At first it was hard, I’d always want to check my page, but would remind myself it was for my own good to stay offline. I reactivated my account on Halloween just to post pictures of my son for my family & friends & then signed off promptly. Since then, I’m happy to report that my time on Facebook has been very minimal. I didn’t plan it this way, but I would sign on once, scroll through my timeline & maybe like or comment on any posts I saw at that moment, but didn’t have the desire to stay on all day & like & comment on every single post I would see in a 24 hour period. Most of the time I spend on Facebook these days are on groups I belong to and messaging close friends and family. Even with that, it’s only for a few moments, not hours like once before. Of course since I have a blog, I do post my links on my page since that’s just what you have to do to keep up readership, but again, nothing excessive. I tend to spend the majority of the day with my son which is important to me since he won’t be little for very long.

I’m just glad to say that I’m happy where I’m at right now. I didn’t think I’d ever be addicted to something like Facebook, but I’m glad I am slowly getting over it. Lately I find that the more I let go of my life on social media, the happier I am. I just hope I can continue this trend because there’s definitely more to life than Facebook.