I Need a Little Christmas

9 Dec

I’m late to the party, but I wanted to share my Christmas mixed tape. I love Christmas music, but I don’t start listening to it til Black Friday, which came very late this year. I grew up on Long Island where we definitely had our share of white and or freezing Christmases. When I moved to Florida, Christmas just didn’t feel the same when it’s a humid 85 degrees out. Yikes! Fortunately, out here in California, it does get cooler thanks to the marine layer, but of course not as frigid as a Long Island Christmas. So, these Christmas songs help put me in the festive mood I always had while growing up.


Of course I had to start off with the title of my post. This song just sums up how I feel as we get closer to Christmas. I’m ready for a new start, the year has dragged and I’m yearning for something to look forward to. Christmas is the right place to start.

That’s What Christmas Means to Me describes my ideal holiday. I especially love Stevie Wonder’s version because it just feels so passionate & joyful. I especially love the line “I wish you a Merry Christmas and such happiness in the coming year”

I like Happy Christmas because it’s so introspective. It just makes me think back over the year & is hopeful for the new one.

O Holy Night is my favorite religious Christmas song. It’s just beautiful.

So, the problem with Christmas music is that it’s basically the same songs done by different artists hence why people get sick of them so easily. The Trans Siberian Orchestra fixes that by turning these two classic songs upside down to create one kick ass Christmas song that never gets old!

There you have my list of holiday favorites! What are yours?


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