Old School Blogging

22 Nov

I don’t usually post two blogs on the same day, but Old School Blogging closes tomorrow so here we go!

Where is your cell phone? On the kitchen counter

Your significant other? Is a pretty awesome dude

Your hair? wrapped in a towel

Your mother? She was a great cook & also a great dresser

Your father? Is great to talk to


Your favorite thing? Aside from my family, I would have to say ice skating

Your dream last night? it was weird, but no muppets were in it, so wasn’t THAT weird

Your favorite drink? smoothies

Your dream/goal? to travel to Europe

The room you are in? The office

Your fear? dying

Where do you want to be in six years? I’d like to be in our forever home. Probably somewhere on the east coast close to the water.

Where were you last night? Celebrating the hub’s bday

What are you not? a math person

Muffins? Yup! I used to participate in Muffin Monday & I’ll eventually get back into it.

One of your wish list items? a personal stylist :)

Where you grew up? Long Island, NY

The last thing you did? skated

What are you wearing? sweats & yes the towel is still on my head

Your TV? Is only on in the evening & weekends


Your pets? one diva golden retriever

Your computer? mac

Your life? I think it’s turning a corner

Your mood? It’s always better after I skate, working on keeping it that way.

Missing someone? My family on the east coast & all my friends across the country

Your Car? Honda Accord

Something you are not wearing? Socks

Favorite store? Nordstrom Rack

Your summer? It was good. Traveled to FL & NY to see family

Like someone? How old are we again?

Your favorite color? blue

When was the last time you laughed? Earlier today, during my skating lesson

Last time you cried? last night

What is one thing on your To-Do list? work on photo albums!

Would you like to take a survey? Join us at old school blogging! Closes the evening of Nov 23


2 Responses to “Old School Blogging”

  1. rmanea November 22, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    Nice to meet you!

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