Cookbook Review: Kids Cooking Made Easy

5 Nov
Kids Cooking Made Easy. Image courtesy of Trina Kaye

Kids Cooking Made Easy. Image courtesy of Trina Kaye

I’m always looking for new recipes to make for my son. So when I was given the opportunity to review Kids Cooking Made Easy, I jumped at the chance.

Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek created a cookbook with 60  kosher recipes with easy step by step instructions. The first thing that caught my eye was how colorful the book is. Every section is color coded, and the side panel of each recipe has conversation bubbles filled with tips. Also, each recipe has a short paragraph where the author either explains the dish, shares a childhood story pertaining to the dish, gives encouragement and inspiration, or all of the above!  This book contains vivid images of the final dish, along with some step by step photos, making cooking easy, even for the young cooks. These features will definitely encourage young ones to cook. There’s also has a Cooking School feature where cooking terms, measuring, cutting, and even table manners are explained. The recipes are divided into six sections: Dairy; Meat, Chicken and Fish; On the Side; Snack time; and Desserts.

Victoria says, “If you are a kid and think you can’t cook, you will learn very quickly that you can.” She also states, “If your kids are too young to help, let them look at the photos and pick their favorites. Once your kids are old enough, you can also bring them into the kitchen like my mother did with me. Kids feel so confident and so proud when they learn to prepare their first dishes on their own.”

I can say with confidence that I agree with Victoria’s statement. I just remember how accomplished I felt when I prepared a dish from a kids cookbook that my parents bought me many years ago. For now I will prepare these dishes for my son and I look forward to the day when he can pick out his favorites, and then one day, help mama prepare his food, and then even make a meal on his own when he’s much older.

I’ve prepared some dishes in this cookbook and as a mama of a toddler, I appreciate how quick the dishes are to put together. The recipes are very straightforward and easy enough for kids and amateur cooks to follow. I’ll be sharing a recipe with you so keep your eyes open for it. Kids Cooking Made Easy is a great cookbook for parents and for the little ones who want to try their hand at cooking too.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this cookbook, however, all opinions are mine.


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