Sixteen Months

16 Oct

Well, this last month was full of activity. Towards the end of the month, you started taking  about six steps between mama & daddy and you’d do several laps. You’ve also started to let go of the couch or a wall and walk towards us without any coaxing. While you can’t pull yourself to standing all alone, the baby fear is starting to subside.

We started sensory play this past month. At first it was a tub of baby oatmeal and scoops that only kept you entertained for five minutes. Then, it turned into a tub of leftover rice. I placed the tub on a baking sheet to catch any spills, but of course you’d take it off the sheet and play around with it! I also learned last month that you’re more entertained by a converted milk jug than the latest electronic toy. And speaking of simplicity, I made you a felt pizza that you love to play with and I’ll be making you more felt toys and we’ll start to play with craft foam too.

You went to San Francisco for the first time. You did much better on this car trip than you did when we were in Florida last June. You also slept pretty well in the hotel too. We took you to Fisherman’s Wharf, and you loved seeing the seals on Pier 39. We also took you to the cable car museum, the zoo, where you especially loved the petting zoo. You weren’t petting any of the animals, but I could tell you were happy to see all the baby goats and sheep up close. We took walks at the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Park. Of course we took obligatory pictures of you & the Golden Gate Bridge. You really do enjoy being outdoors and so we took you to the botanical gardens & the Japanese Tea Garden too. We can’t wait to take you to Alcatraz & Coit Tower when you’re a bit older. We also look forward to you trying all that tasty food San Francisco has to offer as well.

Your canines have started to come in. This has by far been the hardest teething stage you’ve gone through. Two of your canines have come through and I know I can breathe a sigh of relief when the last two come in.

You’re still babbling a whole bunch which your doctor says is normal & that you’re “just being a boy” & boys tend to say a full sentence instead of a word here & there so I wonder what that sentence will be & when you’ll say it too.

I can’t believe you’ll be celebrating your second Halloween in just a few weeks. I feel like i just took you to the pumpkin patch. I can’t wait for you to wear your minion costume this year.

So once again Andrew, I look forward to what month 16 has in store for you.


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