Monday Musings: Fall is in the air

23 Sep

Growing up in NY, you could always sense when fall was on its way. The crisp chill air, the leaves changing, and the Canadian geese flying south for the cold winter ahead. This has always been my favorite time of year. All the holidays are around the corner, and things just feel so cozy.

Well, now I live in California and yes, the change of season isn’t quite as drastic, but I do welcome the cooler weather, especially living in a house without air conditioning!

Although Andrew isn’t quite that old to appreciate the change of seasons, he’s definitely more aware this year than the last. I plan to make quite a bit of fall treats with the obligatory pumpkin. Sure I’ll make my humble pumpkin latte & pumpkin muffins but I’m going to search the internet for more kid friendly recipes. I’m glad he’ll be able to enjoy everyone’s favorite fall staple this year. Speaking of pumpkins, I once again can’t wait to carve one with him this year.
 photo file-96.jpg

One of the towns near us hosts a pumpkin race where everyone decorates their pumpkins, and I’m talking way more than the Jack O’Lantern face. Last year, there were quite a few Angry Birds and an R2-D2 pumpkin. Each of those bad boys is mounted on wheels and rolled down a small hill. It’s just fun to watch and great to see everyone’s creativity too. I hope when Andrew’s old enough, we can actually participate in this annual tradition.

Another fall tradition that dates back to my childhood that I hope we can experience this year is apple picking. I was never a morning person, but when it came to apple picking, I was ready to go at the crack of dawn. I just remember being so eager to head out and pick as many apples as I could. Most of the experience was a blur, but what sticks after all these years is the time I spent with my extended family out in the orchard. No cell phones, no video games, just nature. Fortunately for us, there are a few apple orchards here and I’d love to make the trip out. I just want to continue these traditions with my little one.

What are your favorite things about the fall?


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