Favorite Baby Toys 6 months & Up

29 Jul

You’ve probably heard a million times that each baby is different. There’s so many toys out there, it’s hard to choose. Once you get the toy, you won’t know if your baby will like it or not. Here are some toys that Andrew has loved.

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table has been Andrew’s favorite for a while now. I love that this toy grows with him. The legs are removable and we started out with just the table top on the floor before he knew how to pull himself up. He loved pushing all the buttons and watching the lights. As he got bigger, we installed the legs. He would spend at least half an hour playing with the toy. He’s 13 months now & he’s started to cruise with it! It has 4 different options: English, Spanish, Music, and Play. It keeps him pretty occupied & I can’t wait for him to learn  about shapes & colors & more as he gets bigger.

Ok, so these blocks are supposed to teach shapes. Truth be told, Andrew doesn’t use them this way. He has learned to take the lid off and put the shapes directly into the box! Even though he doesn’t use this toy properly, he still likes to mouth all the blocks and it keeps him occupied for a bit. I have tried to get him to use the toy properly which involves me holding the lid down, since it won’t stay put on its own while he tries to put the blocks in the right slots but that hasn’t happened yet. Until that day arrives, I’m glad this still keeps him occupied.

I love these O-Balls because they’re so easy for baby to grasp. Andrew has always loved rattle noises, so the O-Ball takes care of that too. They’re bendable and tough to break, and that’s always a plus.

I love these Indestructible books because they live up to their name. Andrew is not gentle with these books, he will crumple up the pages, chew on them, and wave them around and they still hold up well. I love that they’re so thin and lightweight that we brought a whole bunch with us on our recent trip and they didn’t take up much space at all.

Andrew alternates between using the mallet as a teething toy and hitting all of the bars. Either way, it keeps him busy. I also play the one & only song I know on the xylophone: Mary Had a Little Lamb and he hasn’t gotten sick of it yet after all this time!

The Un-Toys!

I could really write a whole post just dedicated to this topic alone. In fact, when I asked on Facebook and Twitter for your baby’s favorite toy, the majority of you said your child loves to play with things that aren’t even their toys! Andrew loves playing with the TV remote (batteries out, of course) and our laptops, even though he got his own for his birthday, he likes the real deal. He also loves to play with straws, so we ask our server for a few extra when we go out to eat, and he’s fascinated with plastic cups, which were an absolute lifesaver on the plane rides we took last month. I like to repurpose large yogurt tubs to use as a drum for the little dude. Diaper boxes are also fun things to play with & I may get ambitious one day and make one look like a little race car. Like I said, I could go on, and the good thing about every day things is it saves us money too.

What are your child’s favorite toys?


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