13 months

14 Jul

Wow. Seriously Andrew? You’re 13 months old? I remember taking your 1 month old picture a year ago as you laid sleeping in your bassinet. You were so tiny. You barely fit in your newborn clothes. You couldn’t lift your head, and you pretty much slept all the time.

You’ve done a complete 180.

No, you’re not walking yet, but you’re getting really close. You borrowed your friend’s walker at the party over the weekend, and now, you won’t stop with your own walker at home. 

I’ve been trying to get you to sign to me since you were 5 months, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. You communicate in your own funny way, which for the most part is banging on your high chair when it’s time to eat. What an appetite you have! You eat practically everything I put infront of you.

You’ve started coconut milk, which you absolutely love. I was looking forward to you trying spaghetti & meatballs & getting really messy, but you weren’t having it. I guess we’ll try in a few months. 

Now, you say mama & dad to the right parent, and it’s pretty cool. I freaked out when you said “sasa’ after seeing another golden retriever. Sasha must be very happy too.

The first 12 months were a crazy ride, ending with our vacation and you traveled like a champ. I look forward to the new milestones that will happen this month!


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