Adventures on an Airplane

12 Jun

So, I’ve been out a bit because I was getting ready for our vacation. Now that I’m here, I probably won’t blog as much but I definitely wanted to document our first plane ride with the little one.

One of my biggest concerns was getting our son’s convertible car seat in the taxi. I guess all my worrying was for nothing because that went really smoothly. I would have to say the worst part of the trip so far was getting all our luggage into the check in area of the airport, so that’s not much to complain about.

Once the check in was done, I followed the advice of two moms I know & put Andrew in the stroller. This allowed us to bypass the line to get to the security area. Instead, we took the elevator up where we were escorted to a lane just for families. I was especially happy because we bypassed yet another line. I always get anxious just going through security because of how mean the staff is. Well, thankfully all the mean people stayed home that day so we all just hung out at the gate & let Andrew crawl around because we had a long day of sitting ahead of us.

I’m glad to say that Andrew did pretty well overall, considering it was his first flight. I’m so glad that we got him his own seat because he didn’t want to stay in it for long. Sure we were able to keep him busy with toys, books & some Fisher Price apps on my ipad but all he wanted to do for most of the flight was cruise & crawl. Thank goodness we didn’t have a random person in our row.

Once we landed, people sitting around us commented on how well behaved he was. I was so thankful they all thought that. He’s earned a reputation as “most chill baby” at play dates, so I’m glad that was able to carry onto forms of transportation too.


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