That time when technology failed

28 May

I admit it. I’ve become too dependent on technology lately. I don’t think I would’ve admitted that if it wasn’t for a big snafu that happened to me yesterday.

I recorded myself doing some jumps at the end of my skating practice. I went to upload them to  Ok computer nerds, I need your help! I uploaded some videos & pics from my iPhone onto iPhoto like I normally do. Then it asked if I would like to delete the items on my phone. I said yes like I normally do since they were uploaded to my computer. Well, right after I did this, it said iPhoto has quit unexpectedly. So I reopen it & all the videos & pics I uploaded are GONE!

Not only that, but my phone decided to completely quit on me. It wouldn’t work unless I restored it.  As I was thinking about the restoring process, I remembered that I logged all of Andrew’s milestones onto a baby app. I was so nervous this info was all wiped out & I’d have to try to remember the exact dates everything happened.

Much to my relief, the restored baby app still had all of Andrew’s information. It took something crazy like this to remind me to take notes of things a lot more often than I do now. This definitely taught me not to procrastinate & also confirms loud & clear that paper isn’t dead.


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