Monday Musings

27 May

Where’d the last week go? I feel like I just wrote this!


We took another day trip, this time to Santa Barbara. I hadn’t been there in several years so we were long overdue for a trip. We saw the wineries last time and honestly, I thought that’s all there was to SB. I’m so glad I was wrong. It is just a very beautiful town with a laid back & cozy feel. We checked out the zoo first. I loved how there was plenty of space to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and views, and also to have a little picnic too. Since we were traveling with a little dude, I knew, based on past experience that he wouldn’t like to be restrained in the stroller or carrier all day so I’m glad we got to relax for a bit. Crawling around definitely did him some good. He was happier that way & was a lot more behaved in the long car trip. I also loved that the zoo wasn’t crowded like LA & San Diego are. My favorite part was the giraffe exhibit. That’s probably the closest we all got to one. I took a lot of pictures & I can’t wait to share them with Andrew one day.

IMG_0804We also hit up State Street which was just lovely. I’m all for Spanish style architecture and the street was full of it. I would’ve taken some pics, but I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. After that, we headed to the botanical gardens. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe it. Loved the scenery, the flowers, and dare I say, the short hike. I prefer the beach to the woods, so for me to hike any distance at all is an accomplishment. All in all, a very peaceful weekend.

Andrew still has no interest in walking, but he has started saying our dog’s name over & over again. She’s always been such a diva dog that I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a little ego over being the little dude’s first word.

So glad that today is a holiday. I always feel so refreshed at the end of the weekend since I have extra help, so a three day weekend is even better. If only the hubs could get one of these every month!

How was your weekend? Looking forward to anything this week?



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