Weekly Recap

19 Apr

Just thought I’d let you all know what we’re up to this week.


Been a busy week with a lot of play dates, but I don’t mind because I love getting out there & it’s been super nice outside that I’d rather go out than be all cooped up in here. 

If you didn’t know, I ice skate as my hobby & workout. Been working on the toe loop recently & for some reason, it scares me. I need to get over that!


The boy has perfected his army crawl & he’s a fast one! One minute he’s in the living room, next thing I know, he’s at my feet in the kitchen.

He’s brave enough to stand with only one hand for support, but still won’t let go. Not that I’m rushing.

He tried watermelon for the first time & loved it. 

So that was my week. Nothing exciting, but it’s nice to keep track of things. I was inspired to write this post by one of my good friends, so be sure to check her blog out too.

How was your week?


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