What a weekend

15 Apr

Well, Andrew had quite the weekend. From catching up with another mama who had her little one just weeks before I did, to seeing my brother, to spending time with a friend I hadn’t seen in five years, Andrew & I were just all over the place.

The first meet up was at a shabu-shabu place, which is basically like fondue, but Japanese….and there’s no cheese involved, sadly. You just cook all your food in boiling water. I had to hold back my inner foodie from taking pics & blogging about it later, but it was an interesting experience. Evenmore so with a little one. Let’s just say I’m glad the free parking lasted for 2 hours, because it took almost that long to eat & take care of Andrew. Little man was super hungry. I had already fed him, and he ate the snacks I brought, but he just kept wanting more. Luckily, he had eaten some of the veggies they served me before, so that definitely saved the day. I had fun catching up with my friend. This shabu-shabu adventure is one I’d probably share over & over.
Up next was pizza with my brother. I hadn’t seen him since January when he first moved out here. Before that, I hadn’t seen him in 5 years, needless to say, it was great to catch up.This time, my husband was also there to help w/ Andrew. Andrew has always been a very chill baby, but it’s always nice to have extra help. I’m happy to say that little man fell asleep in the car ride home & barely woke up when I changed him into his pjs & was down for the night.
The last of my “catch up” weekend was with my friend Kristen who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. I’m telling ya, a whole lot of catching up going on. Again, Mat was there to help me, and I’m glad he was. Andrew got tired of playing with the toys we brought for him & kept wanting to get out of the high chair, so we played a little game of pass the baby which actually worked pretty well since this was Kristen’s first time meeting him.
I swear I did have a “mommy fail” every day though. Just when I think I packed all my gear, I forget a toy, his place mat, etc, and of course we took my husband’s car so my emergency diaper bag wasn’t there. We survived, but I would love it if just once I made it out of the house with everything!

I think it’s safe to say that he’s probably sick of high chairs right now. At least he tolerates them more though. I do love that our high chair cover has little loops on it for toys, but of course, he preferred to play with a straw & wave the kids menu around too. I do know he would’ve rather played and cruised around, but I am glad he was so well behaved overall. Since he’s been so good, maybe he can accompany me on my foodie adventures. Not all of them of course, but there are a few restaurants I’ve been wanting to check out & I could always use some company. It was such a busy weekend that I feel like I need a break from that but unfortunately, the hubs goes back to work tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a good week. Hope those aren’t my famous last words. How was your weekend?


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