No tv?

12 Apr

Growing up, we were never allowed to watch tv during the week. Period. At the time, I thought it sucked. My friends would always talk about whatever show it was the next day at school & I’d always feel left out. Finally, in college, I was free to do whatever I wanted, but I found that I never really watched tv. Maybe it was out of habit.

So, once I got my first real job out of college, I decided that I wouldn’t even subscribe to cable at all. I didn’t have any rabbit ears on my tv, so no basic cable either. I hate to admit it, but I only lasted about a week before I caved & called the cable company.

Today, we have cable, even On Demand, which has helped us a lot since we don’t go to the movies with our little one. However, I find that I don’t watch tv at all during the day. I’m not complaining. It’s great. It’s so easy to get sucked in & I prefer to be productive, otherwise I start to regret vegging out all day. So maybe my dad was right to not let us watch tv, as much as it sucked back then. I’m considering doing the same when Andrew is older. I probably won’t be as strict as my dad was, but now that I see why he did it, I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. I want him to have fun once he finishes his homework. I want him to play outside with his friends, ride bikes, do all those things I have such great memories of.

How about you? Do you plan to let your kids watch tv after school?


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