22 Mar


Our little Andrew is a silly one. It never fails that at every check up we have, the doctor will ask if Andrew has hit a certain milestone. We always say no & I kid you not, either that evening, or the next day, that milestone can be marked off the checklist!

The first time I noticed this was when we told the doctor that Andrew hadn’t discovered his hands yet. I really wanted him to, because I’ve read that they learn to self soothe that way. It would definitely give mama a break, so I was very eager. Sure enough, later that night, he was just playing in his baby gym, batting at the toys overhead, when all of a sudden, he brought both of his hands in front of his face. Since then, he always chews on his hands. I think it’s cute when he makes that “ay yah yah yah yah” sound as he does that. And yes he self soothes, so mama is happy with her break.

The latest milestone that he started working on after his pep talk is cruising. He’s still very cautious, but he does grab the furniture & move side to side while giving me a huge smile. Yes, I’ve tried to see if he will walk on his own & I always end up catching him, so nope, the balance isn’t there yet, but that’s fine with me.


I’m already chasing him around the house when he crawls & I know I’ll have to work twice as hard when he starts walking.

Has your baby had pep talks before they hit certain milestones?


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