18 Mar
Things that helped soothe the teething woes

Things that helped soothe the teething woes

I still remember when Andrew had a gummy smile. Then, this past December, two little white bumps starting pushing through his gums. Yup, he got his two front teeth for Christmas! I will admit that the toothy grin was super cute. His teeth have been coming in two at a time. I think that he’ll have his pearly whites in no time. What wasn’t cute? Teething pain! He started chewing on his hand while he was teething, but I knew that it was probably downright painful, so I started asking around & keeping my eyes open for solutions to the teething woes.

He did like the good ol’ frozen washcloth, but I wanted several options too. I wanted something that I could just grab, something that wouldn’t be too messy.


See that red necklace? Well, let me tell you, it’s more than just an accessory. It’s actually a teething necklace for the baby. In my short time as a new mama, I’ve learned that my son will put practically anything in his mouth, including my jewelry. It got to the point where I couldn’t wear necklaces because he’d always pull at them & try to chew them. This is where jewelry made specifically for teething comes in. I figure since he’s going to try to mouth everything, he may as well do that with something that is safe for him,soothes his gums, and still looks pretty cute on mama too. Heck, I’d still wear my teething jewelry long after he gets all of his teeth because it passes for regular jewelry. No one would ever know.

What are those weird looking things with the green & blue ends? It’s a pacifier, it’s a teether, it’s a chewther. It looks like a mouthguard for babies. Andrew is funny when he uses this. Instead of just leaving it in his mouth like a paci, he grabs it & just gnaws on the end. It definitely helps him when he’s teething. I pop it in the freezer for a few minutes to help him soothe his gums even more.
Finally, the one & only Sophie the Giraffe. Trust me, I was just like some of you shaking your head right now, thinking to yourselves “Seriously? It looks like a dog toy. You actually bought that for Andrew?”

And yes, yes I did. I tried for the longest time to restrain myself from buying Sophie. I didn’t want to cave. I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I did honestly contemplate checking out the pet store to see if I could find something similar at half the cost, but then I thought about what dog toys are made of & how they probably aren’t safe for babies to play with. So yes, I caved & bought Sophie. Like everyone else. I did get her on sale so I don’t feel too bad! Since she’s a giraffe, her long neck & legs are helpful to reach those areas in the back of the baby’s mouth. Be careful if you have a dog though. Sophie squeaks, so my dog thinks she’s a toy for her! We’ve had Sophie for a few months, and my dog still thinks that she’s a pup toy!

So those are things that have helped me with the teething woes. What are your favorite products?


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