Disneyland with an 8 month old

4 Mar
Tackling the crowds with a baby!

Who takes an infant to Disneyland? This mom!

Ok, so you’re probably wondering why the heck I went to Disneyland with such a young child. Well, my husband’s job hosted the event and  who doesn’t love free tickets?

Andrew did awesome. Of course, he was too young to realize he was at someplace special. In fact, he was probably confused & wondering where he was, but thankfully he wasn’t fussy. He seemed to be taking it all in. He loved meeting the characters too. So glad he didn’t cry! He really loved Toon Town. It goes without saying that it’s made for kids. He loved all the bright cartoonish buildings. My favorite part of Toon Town is the Post Office building. There’s a lot of buttons to push that play funny sounds, or even the characters’ voices. Andrew got a kick out of it, and it was fun for me to act like a kid again, even if it was just for a few minutes. We took him to meet the characters. Again, glad he didn’t freak out. Also took our obligatory pic in front of the castle, and watched a parade too. He did cry halfway through it, probably because it was a bit loud, but he was back to being his happy self after.

One really cool thing that I didn’t know about Disneyland is that they have a Baby Care Center. It’s located at the end of Main Street next to the photo shop & first aid place, across from the corn dog cart. Sure, you can nurse anywhere in the park, but I liked nursing in the Baby Care Center because it was peaceful. A nice break from the chaos just outside. Just like the rest of Main Street, the Baby Care Center has that turn of the century feel. It’s a small space, but the attendants do a great job with crowd control. Once inside, there’s a small table where siblings can sit & watch the Disney movies playing on the tv while their mom takes care of the baby. It’s very safe & the attendants are always watching what’s going on. Up ahead is the nursing area which simply consists of 5 oversized wicker chairs where you can just relax with your little one. Each chair faces forward, which makes even more privacy. Vintage artwork is all over the walls too. I’m all for nostalgia & this place had plenty. They also have a changing room with five changing tables, two sinks with soap & water & disposable changing pad liners. There’s also two small toilets just for toddlers. I do love how Disney parks are pretty clean, but being that the Baby Care Center is less chaotic makes for an even cleaner changing & bathroom area. Steps away from the changing & nursing stations is a feeding area with high chairs which make for a cozy place to feed your little one. They also have a kitchen with a sink & soap so you can wash all your feeding supplies & avoid carrying dirty dishes all day. Formula & baby food are available for purchase. I didn’t buy any, so I can’t tell you if it was retail price or if, like most Disney things, was overpriced. However, it’s good to know that there was baby food available for purchase just in case. I loved the Baby Care Center so much. I know I could always nurse & feed Andrew at any place in the park & could’ve used the changing tables in the public restrooms, but like I said, it was a nice place to go to get away from all the hustle & bustle.

I’m happy to say that I packed everything I needed in my diaper bag, no mommy fail there. If I was to do it over, I would’ve brought a heavy duty blanket with me. Andrew was either in the stroller or being held by us all day, so he didn’t get to play. If I brought a blanket, I could lay it somewhere, possibly in the picnic area so he could crawl around a bit. I would only bring the blanket if another couple came with us so they could watch our belongings if we needed to park the stroller somewhere. Sure I could bring the blanket wherever we went, but it could become cumbersome. Speaking of security, I recommend buying a stroller lock. They sell them at baby stores & online. Disney is pretty safe, but you never know. Better safe than sorry is what I believe. The lock provided some peace of mind. I knew my stroller was secure if I was required to park it somewhere.

We didn’t go on any rides, which sounds insane, but since we had free tickets, there was no pressure, didn’t feel like we were wasting money. Honestly, after years of visits to Disneyland, where I’d try to go on as many rides as I could in one day, it was nice to just take a stroll, get some fresh air, exercise, and people watch. I would’ve gone on the rides if we had gone with another couple, so that they could watch Andrew while we were away & vice versa. If I was to do that, I would definitely get the fast pass because it makes things so much easier.

I wouldn’t go back to Disneyland again until he’s older & able to appreciate the park. We did have a fun time, but I wouldn’t go back as a paying customer just to walk around because as you know, the tickets aren’t cheap.  Sure, there’s that part of me that could tell him “Yeah, we took you to Disney when you were younger, don’t you remember?” but I want him to actually remember when we took him to Disney. I know I loved it when my mom took us every year & those are memories I’ll always keep with me, and I want to do the same for Andrew. I guess you could call this our trial run trip with a little one.


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