Must have nursing gear

19 Feb
A small selection of nursing gear

A small selection of nursing gear

As if baby gear wasn’t overwhelming enough, let’s talk stuff for nursing. So here’s a list of the mom gear that has made my life easier.

1) Nursing Pillow

I know, you’re probably thinking this is silly. Just a gimmick used to prey on us moms. I’ll be the first to tell you, I thought the exact same thing. I was fortunate enough to try the My Brest Friend pillow at a nursing support group when Andrew was only 3 days old. It was literally try before you buy.  I like this particular nursing pillow because it buckles on you so it stays put. It supports your back, and provides a cushion to place your baby on to give your arms a rest. I’ve been using mine for 7+ months and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made.

2) Nursing Cover

I like using a muslin blanket in a pinch. Some women tie it around their necks like bibs, or put clips on either side. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer an actual cover, especially if you’ll be outside & it’s a breezy day. If you’re crafty, you can make one out of a regular apron by adding some boning in the top that goes across your chest. I personally use Bebe Au Lait. Unlike other brands I’ve tried, the Bebe Au Lait apron doesn’t get too warm, which can make for an uncomfortable feeding session. Nursing covers can also be used as a tummy time blanket in a pinch too.

3) Nursing Pads

Let’s face it, milk stains on your shirt aren’t cute. There are all sorts of nursing pads on the market, but my favorite are the Lansinoh disposable pads. Unlike some generic brands, these have stickers on both sides of the back of the pads to hold them in place. I’ve worn them every time I’ve gone out and especially make sure I wear them when I’m away from the baby for an extended period of time.

4) Breast milk storage bags

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Medela brand, and trust me, they’re great. I think the biggest drawback to their milk storage bags is that they can’t lay flat. Enter the Lansinoh variety. They’re cheaper than the Medela, and they do lay flat, which makes for easier stacking in the freezer.

5) Breast milk storage containers

I like the Medela containers. I think they’re perfect for new moms. Personally, I think they’re best for short term storage in the fridge because like the storage bags, they don’t stack well. If you do decide to use them in the freezer, rest assured that they do very well. They don’t crack, and they’re definitely reusable.

6) Breast Pump

I use a hospital grade pump and I haven’t tried any other brands so I can’t comment on them. Whatever electric brand you choose, make sure it’s a double pump. A typical pumping session takes 15 minutes. It’s double that with a single pump. Time is precious with a little one, so to make your life easier, just go with a double.  I do use the Avent & Medela manual pumps. Both of them work very well. I just have two of them so there’s always one handy if the other is dirty. In the beginning, I always used the electric pump to keep my supply up. Now that Andrew is older, I don’t pump as often. So I use the manual pump to relieve engorgement, or, if he didn’t nurse well, to drain the rest of the milk.

7) Bottles

There’s so many on the market! I have only used the Avent ones, which work great.No complaints here.  I hear the Dr Brown ones are good, but hard to clean.

What’s your favorite nursing gear?

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