Must have items for new moms

11 Feb

I never knew how much I’d love shopping for baby items! I will admit that there are so many things on the market that it could get pretty overwhelming finding something for your little one. So, here’s a list of items I bought over the last 7 months & absolutely love.

I LOVE these! They’re versatile, very lightweight & breathable. Perfect for the warm summer months. We used these to swaddle our little one when he was a newborn, for the first three months. They can also be used for tummy time, a car seat cover, burp cloth and a quick nursing cover.

2. Sleep Sacks

These are a must. I was, and still am scared of SIDS. One of the tips is to not have any loose blankets in the crib. The sleep sacks help so much. Nothing loose in the crib gives mama peace of mind. The zipper closes at the feet which makes for easy diaper changes. I use HALO, Summer Infant, & Aden + Anais sleep sacks. It’s a matter of preference. I like that the  smaller sizes of the HALO sleep sacks have a built in swaddle that fastens with velcro. Talk about making your life easier. Summer Infant’s newborn swaddle also makes it easy for you to turn your little one into a baby burrito. Aden + Anais makes very lightweight wearable blankets which are perfect for warmer weather.

3. A Baby Gym

I have the Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. I love that it grows with the baby. It’s great for tummy time. Also, my Andrew loved to play with the toys hanging from the arches when he was a wee one. You can also add more toys to the arches, provided that they have loops on them. Now that he’s bigger, I removed the arches & attached the toys to the loops on the mat itself. It’s light & portable. Perfect to bring to grandma’s, or to a friend’s place.

A Baby Swing or Bouncer

This one is tricky. Every baby is different, so you won’t know which one your little one will like. We got a bouncer at first, but unfortunately, Andrew didn’t like it so we were able to sell it & get a swing which he adores. You don’t need to get both (unless you want to, then by all means, go for it) but they’re a great place for naps, and also a good place to set your little one down when you need 5 minutes to do a chore, etc. We have the Fisher Price Snug a Bunny Swing.

5. A Pack n Play

A huge upgrade on the playpens we grew up with. Most pack n plays these days come with a changing station, so you don’t need to go out & buy a separate changing table. Andrew took a vast majority of his naps in the built in bassinet until he exceeded the weight limit at 3 months. We still use the changing station. Andrew for some reason doesn’t like to nap in the pack n play now that it doesn’t have the bassinet in it, but again, all babies are different. I still don’t regret buying it. If I was to do it over again, I would buy one with a bassinet that had a 20lb weight limit instead of a 15 so it would last longer.

6. Baby clothes & accessories

You’ve heard it a million times, so make this a million & one. Babies grow like weeds, so don’t go crazy & buy a ton of outfits. Heck, it was so hot over here last summer that Andrew spent many a day in just a diaper if we had nowhere to go. Baby clothes can be expensive considering that they don’t wear them long, so check out stores like Marshall’s & TJ Maxx for deals. I felt that Gerber always ran too small. Their baby socks wouldn’t stay put either. If you’re going to get baby socks, check out Trumpette & Hanes. We only used baby socks when the weather was cooler. Same goes for baby caps. I bought a dozen baby bibs but I didn’t use them until Andrew started solids. It also helps to buy some vinyl baby bibs at that stage since they make for easier cleanup.

7. Baby Leggings

Yes, I said baby leggings! They may sound silly but I love them so much since it’s so much easier to change a diaper by just unsnapping the onesie & not having to deal with undoing baby pants. I also use them as arm warmers if the weather is chillier than expected. I keep a pair in my diaper bag just in case of a change in the weather. BabyLegs is one of my favorite brands.

These are just a few of my favorite things to get you started. I will make a list of my favorite baby gear soon. What baby things do you love?


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