The Mommy Guilt

8 Feb

Admit it, you have it too. I don’t think husbands understand. Mine says it’s ok to let our little one just roam free & play on his own. As for me, I feel like I constantly have to play with him. Why? Well, he’ll only be a little one for so long that I want to enjoy every moment of it. I cried when I watched a video of Andrew in his crib at 2 months. He was so tiny. At the time, I felt like 6 months was a long time coming. Now, here we are in February & he’ll be 8 months in a few days. Goes to show you that time flies. So I try to spend every moment I can with my son. It’s really gotten to the point where I feel guilty if I leave him for some “me” time. When I say that, I mean, a few hours away to work out, to go out with my friends, to go to the salon. That’s it. Just a few hours. Not a weekend trip to Vegas or whatnot. Yet, I feel guilty. Heck, my husband watches Andrew when I’m out. I know he’s in good hands. But I know that one day he’ll be embarrassed to give me a hug. He’ll ask me to drop him off further away from school so he won’t be teased. So I want to hold onto these precious moments as long as I can.
Thing is, when I do just that, my chores get neglected. No, I don’t leave the house looking like a tornado went through it, but I do feel like there’s never enough time in the day. I want to spend as much time with Andrew as I can while he’s awake. Then, while he naps, I catch up on emails, blog, do crafts or all of the above & then some. When he’s down for the night, I like to spend time with Mat. So you see, I wish there were extra hours to get all the chores done every day. Hiring help is out of the question as well. I’m truly thankful for the dishwasher & the crock pot. I do wish that I had a wash, dry, & fold machine though.
So how do you deal with mommy guilt? How do you get things done around the house?


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